Chances that once you have decided you need a new canvass for your giant umbrella are you probably are unsure about the make, model and size you need so before you call for a quote there are a few little checks you can perform to speed up the process.

Firstly check around the winding handle (if it has one) for any markings that look like this:

This is generally the area where the manufacturer leaves thier signiture. This one is by a company called MDT (seen in orange) The other two likley candidates are Uhlmann or MAY.

If your umbrella has levers instead of a winding handle look for somthing like this in the lever area:


The most likley brand name here is going to be Bahama or Glatz.


If there are no markings on it anywhere we may have to get some photos sent particularly of the ends of the arms and central hub.  If you are not comfortible identifying your frame or installing a new canopy we can arrange a site visit and installation from an external company this will add to your costs however they will also be able to spot any potential faults with your frame especially if its old that could lead to the new canopy not fitting perfectly.



When it comes to measuring them, you will need to open the umbrella and run a tape measure along an egde.  These measurements are highly likley to be to the nearest half meter - it is very rare for a measurement to be anything other than devisable by half a meter so if yours has streched or shrunk by as much as 10cm you need to round up or down.

From this info we can calculate a quote however it may be necessary to template your existing cover if there is any doubt should you decide to go ahead.