Commercial Umbrella Recovers




Undoubtably the main focus on the company now is the making of replacement canopies for giant umbrellas.  We have built up an extensive database of templates for the most popular brands of commercial parasols in the UK and each canopy is laser cut to ensure accuracy of cutting to make a good fit.  If you are looking to refresh an umbrella made by MDT, Ulhmann Glatz or Bahama then it has become a very practiced procedure for us to make you a new canopy.  Other branded frames can still be made, we would just need an old canopy to reference when creating a new one.

The process of automating the cutting has allowed us to keep lead times down to an absolute minimum. Covers are usually shipped in under two weeks although this can stretch to three between March and July.



The fabrics we use are generally acrylic canvas supplied by Recesens, Sauleda and Dixon.  These are synthetic woven fabrics produced in Spain and the US specifically for use in the outdoor and marine environment.

Hooks and clips are all made from marine grade stainless steel




Bespoke wind stoppers / side curtains can be added to create a unique atmosphere